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Hey guys, sorry i haven't been posting in a while, but im back at it again with a instructable on how to make a modern torch, please be careful when making this, the flame on this can easily reach 3ft. tall so be careful and have fun

Things you will need:

a tall thick stick (about 4ft. tall and about 2in. in diameter should do well)

a cotton shirt or cotton roll (cotton works best in my opinion)


tiki torch oil

and a container to help with any tiki oil spills :)

if you do make this please share a pic so others can learn from us, Be careful and have fun

Step 1: The Wick

for the wick of the torch i suggest a cotton shirt like i used or a cotton fabric roll, basicly anything cotton

fold the shirt so its about 3 to 4in. wide, then wrap around the stick

Step 2: The Stick

for the stick I would recommend a green stick so it does not burn, and it should be about 2 to 4 inches in diameter and it should be about 3 to 4ft. in height, to make sure the wick does not burn you

Step 3: Wrap the Stick

to Wrap the cloth around the stick you should place the begining part on the stick and put two nails in to hold it down

and tightly wrap the cloth around the stick, once you reach the end put two nails in the end part to keep it in place

Step 4: Pour the Oil and Light

once the stick is wrapped and nailed in place, place the wick over the container and pour the oil on the wick and make sure to cover it so that the oil burns and not the shirt, once the oil has covered the shirt, leave it to dry for about 5 min., because it does not take long for it to dry then after about 5min. take the the torch to an open area

and light it up PLEASE BE CAREFUL the flame is very hot and tall

i am not responsible for any accidents that may happen

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