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Step 1: The Idea

Turning a very old looking chair into one which will blend much better within modern furnitures.
Only using things that I found in my garage.(that includes the chair)

Step 2: Very Few Things Needed

-old chair(obviously)
-old rope (11m of a semi dynamic rope from work.(because it has made it's time, and isn't very safe to use anymore)
-a few tools: wood chisel(s), rasp, saw, and sand paper.
-black paint(left over from other projects)

Step 3: Preparing the Chair.

By chopping of and smoothing down every thing on the chair that looks way to much (to my eye at list).
Sanding it, and then do the paint job.
(I also got reed of the rush frame of the chair.
But I'm planing on re-using the fiber to weave baskets or so)

Step 4: Dealing With 11m of Rope.

Eleven meters isn't a good start.
But being basically a climbing rope, means that it has a sheath, which contains a core made out of several smaller twisted ropes.
14 of them to be precise.
So once you separate the outer shell from the core, you end up with 154m of white twisted rope, and steel have that sheath which is now much more easy to work with and looks great.
(The sheath needed a good clean up though, since it's been expose to various dusts and all sort of things)

Step 5: Weaving.

Of we go then.
Weaving it is.
I won't describe the way I did it for two simple reasons.
First, I simply applied techniques that have already been explained by other people here, and kind of mixed them together.
Then, it was my first ever go at it, and since I was "restricted" a bit by the peace of rope I had. I pretty much had to figure it out on the go.
(I should just point out that, I haven't glued or nailed anything at any point.)(keeping in mind that I didn't really know how to put it together in the first place)

Step 6: Result

The end result is quite satisfying, considering I started it thinking it was more of a simple try rather than a well thought out project.
But nevertheless, it could be/could have been improved a bit. (In terms of the overall finishing look).
Also, as you can see, the seat shape wasn't square at all, so the weaving that actually allows you to seat on it safely, stops before the front and back-end.
I simply used the excess of sheath (once weaved)(like 0.8m left), to fill up the back end. And the excess of the last peace of eleven meters white rope I used, to fill up the front.

There it is then.
An old chair, some paint, and an eleven meter semi dynamic rope (of which I used 11 of the 14 twisted rope of the core).

(Feel free to comment, suggest or question)

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