Introduction: Modified Crafts: Alarm Handbag System

This is a system of alarms that utilized the effects of buttons and buzzers that is modded after:

This is also an example of how a simple program can be elevated via imaginations.


Required Items:

Aluminum foils

10 om resistors*1

Arduino board or Genino Board(best recommend nano)

Power bank(to power the system)

Jump wires.


bag of your choice.

corrugated Board

A roll of duo sided tape.

Alligator jump wires*2

Step 1: Preparing the Materials


First, measure a piece of aluminum that is twice the length of the perimeter(outside length) of the bottom of your bag of choice and fold it together.

Then, you cut the aluminum into a zigzag shape to make sure that the aluminum breaks upon someone cutting your bag.

Third, add tapes to reinforce to the structure of the aluminum foil.


1. measure the surface area of the bottom of the bag of your choice.

2. cut out a piece of corrugated board that fits the bottom of the bag of your choice.

3. place 3 to 4 pieces of two-sided tape to make sure that the things are sturdy and strong.

Step 2: Code

This code is modified from simple buttons.

This program reads the input of the button on pin 7. If the value of the input isn't High, else the tone I used will start playing.

After you uploaded this program to your Arduino board, you need to start wiring you circuits


Step 3: The Circuits

The button:

1. take two of the alligator jump wires and plug them into the breadboard.

2. make one represent positive and one represent negative.

3. Connect a 10k resistor to the negative wire and connect it to GND

4. Connect a normal jump wire to connect Pin 7 and Negative Jump wire.

5. Connect positive jump wire to 5v

The Buzzer:

1. Take the two wires and connect the positive one to Pin 11

2. Take the negative wire and connect it to GND

Remember to add the wire to connect with the power bank

Step 4: Assemble

1. cut the zig-zag aluminum into 4 pieces according to the bag of your choice.

2. attach the backboard to the inner bottom of your bag

3. create a small box using corrugated boards to seal the circuits.

4. Attach double-sided tape on the aluminum zig-zag.

5. Use the tape to stick the aluminum zig-zag on to the inner walls of the bag of your choice.

6. reconnect the zig-zags bu sticking small pieces of aluminum foil on it.

7.Attach the box at the backboard