Introduction: Working Lightsaber With Hilt Design

    As a kid, I have been dreaming of becoming a Jedi and kill the Sith with my own Lightsaber. Now as I am getting older, I finally got the chance to build my own dream project. This is a basic rundown of how to build a lightsaber of yourown


    Here are the Material needed

    Step 1: Building the Basic Electric Inners

    For this step you need:

    1. WS2812b LED strip
    2. Jumper wires
    3. 220 om resistors
    4. 10 om resistors
    5. Button
    6. Soldering lead
    7. Soldering Iron


    • There were three pins on the LED strip 5V, data, and GND
    • Connect the data pin on the LED strip with the 220 om resistors and solder them together
    • Soldering the 5V with a red Jumper wire
    • Soldering the GND of the LED strip with a jumper wire
    • Protect the connection of the pins by sliding the Heat-Shrinkable tube into the connection surface of the LED strip. (be careful about not covering the LED
    • connect the 5V to the 5v of the Arduino and GND to GND on the Arduino Micro
    • Connect the Data wire to A1 on Arduino Micro


    (NOTE: if your button have three pins only solder ONE of the pins on the side)

    • Solder the button's pin with jumper wire
    • Connect one of the pins of the button with 5V on the Arduino.
    • use a 10 om resistor to connect the button's other pin with GND
    • Connect the button's other pin (which is connected to GND) to D4 on arduino

    Step 2: Code

    Here's the code for the Lightsaber:

    In order for this code to function download the FastLED Library:

    here is a tutorial of the LIbrary

    Step 3: Lightsaber Blade Construction

    Material needed for this step:

    1. Polycarbonate Tube
    2. Sandpaper
    3. TCSS Corbin blade film
    4. The wired Led strip
    5. Corrugated Plastic Sheet
    6. Invisible tape



    1. Activate the code a get the lightsaber's blade to activate
    2. Cut the strip of LED at LED 120
    3. fold the LED strip at LED 55
    4. Peel off the adhesive at the back of the LED strip and stick the Led strip on itself
    5. cut out two plates of corrugated plastic at the size of the LED strip
    6. sandwich the LED strip with the corrugated plastic sheet and tape it with Invisable tape
    7. wrap the sandwiched LED strip with the TCSS Corbin blade film
    8. Slide the LED strip into the Polycarbonate Tube

    Step 4: Hilt Building

    Material needed for this

    1. Iron tube (5cm diameter) (30 cm long)
    2. 3D printer
    3. ABS printing filament
    4. Lightsaber Blade



    • print out the files using ABS printing filament
    • make sure that you can fit your breadboard into the hilt
    • print blade head for the lightsaber blade
    • insert the hilt top bar on the top side of the iron tube
    • slide in the completed blade to see if it fits
    • slide the side plates from the top of the blade to the hilt
    • slide the middle extention to the tilt using the same method
    • (Note: if you have a better 3D printer you can try to print out the topbar)
    • Use
    • take the blade out for full assembly

    Step 5: Assembling the Lightsaber

    Material needed:

    1. The innards of lightsaber
    2. the shortest Micro USB wire you can find
    3. a small portable power bank
    4. the hilt


    1. Remove the bottom of the hilt, where a hole lies
    2. disconnect the button from the board
    3. Insert the button into the hole
    4. Reattach button to the board
    5. slide the lightsaber blade inside the hilt
    6. use the USB wire to connect the small power bank with Arduino Micro
    7. slide the innards of lightsaber(including power bank) inside the hilt.
    8. Close off hilt by reattaching the bottom end