Modify Your Store Bought Iron Fire Pit




Introduction: Modify Your Store Bought Iron Fire Pit

My uncle had a store bought iron fire pit that seemed more like an eyesore than a attractive lawn feature. So with his permission I changed it into more of a functional art piece. This was easy to do in a weekend, and by doing this I was able to make a table, as well as a fire pit.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

The old iron fire pit was needed.

Rocks were needed. Which was easy because here in Michigan there are large and small rocks everywhere. So I gathered up 3 large rocks of similar size, and a bunch of little rocks from around my uncles property.

I also found some scrap wood left over from building the horse fence. I used that for the table.

Step 2: Position Your Rocks

After gathering up the rocks I needed, I then positioned the large rocks in a circle. Placing the smaller rocks in a circle around the inside of the large rocks.

Step 3: Add Your Iron Bowl

After positioning the rocks just how I wanted, I placed the iron bowl on top of the large rocks. (you may need to adjust the large rocks to balance the iron bowl more securely)

Step 4: Making the Table

First I lined up my scrap wood. Then I placed the leftover iron frame (from the old fire pit) on top of the wood. Next I screwed in boards to fit inside the rim of the frame (Doesn't look pretty but i'm using scrap wood, and it gets the job done). Then flipped over the frame, tabletop, and now I have a table.

Step 5: All Finished!

Now my uncle has a beautiful fire pit and table to hold smores or drinks.

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    7 years ago

    I did something like this but I dug a hole and buried it and put lave rock around it. I cook on it and I modified it today to work as a aluminum forage