Introduction: Modular Dining Tables

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These modular dining tables consist of one large table and two smaller ones. They can be configured in a number of different ways to accommodate your space and needs. The two main configurations are a square table or more of a banquet style table. More pictures of more configurations at the end!

Step 1: Buy Your Lumber and Make Your Cuts

The full plans for these tables can be found here.

Consult the plans to buy your lumber - I like to buy all of it at the same time to save trips to the store. There are two plans: the large table and the small tables. Note that the plans are for one small table, so you will need to double it to build two small tables.

I also like to make all of my cuts at the same time and also sand before it is all assembled. It makes sanding go faster (and is easier on your back!).

Step 2: Pocket Holes

Mark all of your pocket and holes using your Kreg Jig. I like to do this all at the same time so that I can drill them all at the same time as well.

Step 3: Assembly

Now its time to assemble! Be sure to use a countersink drill bit to pre drill all of your holes on the bottom. This is so that the screw head will sit flush.

Also, be sure to use wood glue while assembling. If it will be an outside table, use wood glue rated for outdoor use.

Also be sure to use these locking casters so that they can roll easily.

Step 4: Sand, Stain, and Seal

Now that it is assembled, it is time to sand it, stain it, and seal it.

Stain it and seal it with this spar urethane if it will be outside. I got this look by applying this stain and letting it dry. I then added this stain and almost immediately wiping off the excess.

Once you have this large table built, you can now build the two smaller ones with same process as above (plans found here.)

Step 5: Enjoy All of the Configurations!

This set can be configured in a number of different ways:

-Banquet style that can seat around 14

-Square so it's easier to talk to everyone

-smaller banquet with a buffet

-even smaller table with a larger buffet

-kid table or game table in addition to the large table