Introduction: Modular Multiplex Toolbox

With this toolbox we hope to make the life of a maker more easy. The toolbox has a modular design what makes it possible to select the tools you need in your workstation and bring them along with you.

Because of this design and the good overview, it is a lot easier to organise your tools.

Step 1: Lasercutting

For the design we used lasercutting as the production technique of all the wooden parts.

Therefore we used a multiplex panel with a 5 mm thickness.

With these plans you will produce 6 small tool boards, 1 big tool board and the handle.

Step 2: Materials

The materials we need for the toolbox are:

  • Lasercutted multiplex parts
  • L - profile
  • Bolts and nuts 5 mm
  • Leather
  • a corner piece to up a drawer
  • Elastic fabric
  • Rivets 5 mm
  • Hollow rivets
  • Small piece of a broom stick

The tools to use for the toolbox:

  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Rivet placer
  • Crayon
  • Meter
  • Scissors

  • Lasercutter
  • Sewing machine
  • Glue

Step 3: Assembly 1: the Handle

In this step we explain the making of the handle.

First the grip is made. Cut a piece of leather and use the glue to attach it around the little piece of broomstick (10 cm)

In the picture of the lasered pieces, you can find the pieces you need in the construction of the handle.

  1. Organise the pieces
    1. long bottom piece at the bottom
    2. 4 long pieces on top
    3. with the longest parts in the middle
    4. Attach the short top lock in the 4 pieces
    5. connect the center beam in the middle of the 4 pieces
  2. Connect the L-profile on the 4 long pieces by using rivets
  3. Screw the handle between the two middle parts

Step 4: Assembly 2: Toolboard

This is the most important board is the board on which we will attach the tools.

We made two sizes for this part. One bigger (400 mm x 300 mm) and 6 smaller (200 mm x 300 mm)

But to construct the piece it is the same for every size. In this board we will use the + to attach the tools with the elastic bands.

Step 5: Assembly 2.1: Toolboard, Wood Board

We make sure that we have all the lasercutted parts before we start this assembly?

  1. place the groundboard in the biggest board.
  2. Use the corner pieces to lock these two parts by using the snap connection
  3. repeat this process for the amount of toolboards you need in your toolbox
  4. In our case 1 big and 6 small pieces

Step 6: Assembly 2.2: Toolboard, Leather Band

To make the leather part we start by cutting the leather in the right size.

After the leather is cut in the right size, you have to cut a hole in the leather piece for the hollow rivet.

We place the blue positioning piece on the two separate pieces. After knocking these pieces together the ring is attached in the leather.

The next step is to use the nut and bolt to attach the white corner piece to the leather.

We will need 2 of these pieces for every toolboard. (in the big board we will need 4 of these pieces)

Step 7: Assembly 2.3: Toolboard

In this step we bring the previous steps together.

  1. by connecting 2 white corner pieces at the bottom of the board (bolt and nuts)
  2. and connecting the leather with corner piece at the top of the board. (2 needed)
  3. if everything is connected this part of the toolbox is reaby

Step 8: Assembly 3: Elastic Bands

Now we will make the elastic tool locker. these pieces will keep the tools in the right position.

Starting by measuring the elastic band you need. (depending on the size of your tools)

If you have cut these bands at the right size, sew a loop in this band. (just one side)

Now use the lasercutted connection piece and put it in the elastic band. The second connection piece will lock the elastic band on the toolboard. (see next step)

Step 9: Assembly 4: the Toolbox

For the assembly of the toolbox:

you can use the elastic bands to organise the tools on the board. By moving the hooks from the centre to the edges of the crosses.

To connect the boards to the handle you have to use the holes in the bottom and top parts. The white corner pieces will fit perfectly in these holes and block the toolboards from falling.

To attach more boards on the toolbox: use the white corner pieces and place them in the bottom board and lock them with the leather belt.

Step 10: The Toolbox

Hopefully this instructable was helpful for you! And can the toolbox help you by organising your tools a little easier.

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