Introduction: Modular Origami Cube

Suggested Skill Level: Intermediate
Remember it won’t always be perfect the first time. Practice makes perfect!

Step 1: Get Six Square Pieces of Paper.

I suggest using a paper on the larger size if you are new in origami. The larger your paper is the easier it will be for you in the begining. If using paper with two different colored sides, have the desired color on the back. Also be sure to make all of your folds sharp and accurate to make the final product as cube-like as possible.

Step 2: Fold One Paper in Half and Then Unfold It.

Step 3: Fold Both Sides of the Paper In, Making Them Meet at the Center and Then Unfold It.

Your paper should now be divided into four equal sections.

Step 4: Fold the Upper Right Corner Down, Meeting the Topmost Fold.

Step 5: Fold the Bottom Left Corner Up, Meeting the Bottommost Fold.

Step 6: Refold the Flaps Into the Center, Using the Same Creases From Before to Make the Folds.

Step 7: Fold the Bottom Right Corner Up and the Top Left Corner Down, Making Them Meeting the Edge of the Paper

Step 8: Tuck These Corner Folds Under the Flaps of Paper Opposite of Them.

For example, if it is the bottom right hand corner, tuck it under the top flap.

Step 9: Flip the Paper Over and Fold the Both Flaps in to Make a Square Shape.

Step 10: Make Five More of These Units.

Before you start assembling the cube look at the unit and notice that there are “pockets” that open to the top left and bottom right on the front side. These are very important in the assembly.

Step 11: Place a Flap Into a Pocket on a Separate Unit.

When you are assembling the cube, only fill the top and bottom pockets that are facing the edges. They should all be perpendicular to and not cover up the flaps of the box you are connecting them to.

Step 12: Keep Putting the Flaps Into Pockets, Filling Each One Until There Are No More Flaps or Pockets Left.

It helps to fill in units one at a time, with only two units connecting to another at once. Try to make sure that the flaps are always on the outside when you are adding more units to the whole so that it is easier to get to them later. Do not be afraid to take apart, loosen or slightly bend the pieces to fit them together.

Step 13: Congrats You’ve Successfully Made an Origami Modular Cube!

Make sure all of the sides of your cube are sealed and if your box is a little loose I’ve found it helps to gently roll it around in your hands. This helps to push everything back into place.