Introduction: Mojito Rum/ Mint Extract From Fresh Mint

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Learn how to make the best minty rum for mojitos, or your own DIY mint extract for cakes, ice cream, or anything else you can think of.

This is entered into the rainbow competition, since it turns your spirit of choice green!

Step 1: A Bunch of Fresh Mint

First, find a bunch of fresh mint.

You can buy a mint plant, buy mint leaves, or learn how to grow your own from cuttings here

My mint came from several plants that I was taking cuttings from.

Step 2: Strip

Strip the mint leaves from the stems. If you are using the stems as cuttings, leave a few, small leaves at the top of each stem, otherwise, use all of the leaves.

Step 3: Wash

Rinse the mint leaves under water, and leave them to air dry, or pat dry with paper towel. nobody wants dirt in their drink.

Step 4: Sterilise

Sterilise your jar by filling it a quarter full with water, and microwave until it boils. Empty the water out, and leave it to cool. Danger, hot glass, don't burn your fingers, etc.

Step 5: Rip or Chop

Rip or chop your mint leaves into smaller pieces to give them more surface area and add them to your jar.

Step 6: Cover

Fill the jar with your spirit of choice. If you are using it for mojitos, I recommend using white rum, and for extract, I recommend vodka. It works with all clear spirits, so play with flavours.

Make sure that all of your mint leaves are covered by the liquid, nobody wants mouldy mint.

Put the lid on, and leave it in the fridge, shaking occasionally. After about a week, take it out.

Step 7: Sieve

When the mint has started to turn a different colour, remove it from the fridge, and sieve the mint leaves out, and discard. The liquid that you are left with will probably be slightly green.

If you are using it for drinks, this is probably ready to use, but if you would like a more concentrated "minty" taste (for extracts, or really minty mojitos) you can repeat the process, using fresh leaves and the same liquid.

If you have tiny "bits" in your liquid, feel free to strain the liquid further with a coffee filter paper or similar.

When you have reached the desired "mintyness" use it in drinks, puddings and desserts!

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