Mold Removal Containment Barrier

Introduction: Mold Removal Containment Barrier

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A mold removal containment barrier is to protect the rest of the home from being cross-contaminated by a mold damaged area.

Building a mold containment barrier is not that hard but it does need to be air tight. The containment will also need to be under negative air pressure. Some equipment will need to be rented at a local tool rental store while others can be bought at places like Home Depot.

Correct Personal Protective Equipment will need to be put on. This includes a mask (N-95) minimum. rubber boots, booties, rubber gloves, goggles and possibly a Tyvek suit if the mold is real bad.

Step 1: Step 1: Establish a Work Area

Decide where you will install your containment barrier. Leave yourself enough room to work as well as fit in machines.

Establish the clearest path outdoors to remove the mold damaged building area.

All openings between containment areas and adjacent areas
including but not limited to windows, doorways, elevator openings, corridor entrances, ventilation openings, drains, ducts, grills, grates, diffusers, skylights, etc. shall be sealed. All cabinets, shelving, etc. that have cracks and holes should be sealed.

Step 2: Step: 2 - Hang Your 6 Mil Poly

Before hanging up the poly, install a negative air machine and dehumidifier within the work area.All

units should be clean and sanitized with new filters installed prior to the beginning of the project.All

units utilized to provide clean filtered air into the containment area shall be vented to the exterior of the entire structure whenever possible

Take the 6 mil poly and tape it to the great with reinforcements.

Tape and even staple to the top part of the poly to the ceiling. Heavy duty tape may be necessary.

Step 3: Step 3: Re-enforce With Poles and Grip Disks

Poles with grip disks should be installed on the floor and ceiling to provide stability to the containment barrier

Step 4: Step 4: Install a Zipper

Install zipper tape. Once you open the zipper it will rip the Poly in a perfect line so you can enter and exit the containment barrier as you please

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