Introduction: Molded, Edible Custom Party Favors

How fun is it to have REALLY custom party treats at a bargain price compared to custom confectioners? I wish I had known about this food-safe molding compound a long time ago! You can use a variety of objects to mold for your party (some will work better than others as I've learned), but hey, the molding compound is reusable and very forgiving. Just melt it in your microwave, pour, cool and mold. Read on for tips that may save you some trouble.


•3D print or object to mold

Composi-Mold FLEX

•Poster tack

•small flat-bottom container

•Xacto knife

•Meltable, moldable chocolate (and microwave to melt)

•treat bags or wrapping

•optional pop sticks

Step 1: Use Tinkercad to Design and Then 3D Print Your Confection Design

Step 2: Make Your Mold With Composi-Mold Flex

This is a terrific product. So easy to use, and reusable so it is forgiving of mistakes and not a one-time expense. We've used this for 4 different projects in our Makerspace in the last 3 weeks. I was inspired by a student project for my daughter's softball team and students who see it are inspired to do it for a special event of their own.

Step 3: Melt and Pour Chocolate Into Your Mold

I used bulk chocolate, large chocolate bars and chocolate candies from the craft store to make treats in my experimentation. All worked well for this process. The chocolate will cool quickly, especially if you put in the fridge.

Once it is cooled, pop it out and package or present it for giving. Yum and fun.

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