Introduction: Molten Lava (fudge) Cookies

These are simple, delicious fudgy cookies that look like molten pieces of lava!

Each bite of these cookies is like the corner piece of chocolate fudge (which is the best part), they are sweet, chocolaty, chewy and pure bliss!


110g Dark Chocolate

30g butter

60g light brown sugar

1 (50g) egg

45g All-Purpose Flour

1g Baking Powder

1g Baking Soda

1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract

1/2 tsp instant coffee mix

Step 1: Melt the Chocolate+butter

Create a double boiler setup by taking two bowls of different sizes.
In the smaller bowl, add boiling water and place the larger bowl on top of this.

Add the chocolate and butter to the larger bowl. Make sure no water enters the chocolate. Keep mixing till you get a smooth and homogeneous mixture.

Step 2: Mix Brown Sugar + Egg

In a separate bowl, vigorously mix the brown sugar and egg for atleast 5 minutes using either a handmixer or a normal whisk till the entire mixture is fluffy and shiny!

Step 3: Add Chocolate Mixture to Egg+sugar Mixture

After the chocolate+butter mixture has melted, give it 5 minutes to cool down and then add it to the egg+sugar mixture and mix it till it's smooth and shiny! also add half a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the mix at this stage.

Step 4: Sift the Dry Ingredients

slowly sift the flour+baking soda+baking powder into the chocolaty mixture while stirring. Sifting it through a sieve makes sure that there are no powdery lumps in the final mixture.

Mix it just enough till the ingredients are well incorporated. Too much mixing will promote unnecessary gluten development.

Step 5: Refridgerate + Preheat Oven

Now put this mixture into your fridge for about 20 minutes to cool and firm up.
In the meanwhile, Pre-heat your oven at 160 degrees celcius or 320 degrees farenheit.

Step 6: Scoop!

After 20 minutes, remove your mixture and using an ice-cream scoop or just a normal scoop, put about 2 tablespoon sized- dollops of the mixture onto your baking tray. Make sure to space is apart well so that they don't stick while baking.
Bake at 160 celcius or 320 Farenheit for 10 minutes.

Remove from the oven and let it cool for another 10 minutes.

This recipe should make about 6-8 cookies.

Step 7: Pro Tip

Serve the Molten Lava cookies with a huge scoop of vanilla ice-cream while the cookie is still warm!

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