Mom Flower Letter Card

Introduction: Mom Flower Letter Card

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I've seen fun shape fonts before, so I decided to kind of create my own for my Mother's Day card.

Step 1: Design

Here is what you will need:
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Paper of different colors
  • 4 by 5.5 greeting card
  • Glue and/or sticky squares
  • File
If you want details on the construction of the design, let me know!  Otherwise, enjoy the images :)

Remember to ungroup the images and cut them out in the colors you want.

Step 2: Assemble

Get all your little pieces out and some glue or tape.  I used a combination of glue and sticky square (I love sticky squares).  I use glue for small pieces, otherwise I use the squares.

Test out your puzzling skills and sort out your pieces.  You can put this all together however you want, but I decided to have blue flowers with yellow centers, so I set to work putting everything right.  I wanted the center pieces from the blue for the letters too, but you don't have to be that picky.

Once you have all the letters ready, plan out the layout.  Like usual, it changed a bit from the design I did on Silhouette.  Instead of lining them up, I thought the fit better going zig zaggy.  Once I had the general layout, I went picky and found the center of the card to put the "H" on and then worked out from there.  You don't have to be that picky.

Next stick on the flowers.  I used the flowers with the holes in the center and put in yellow dots.  Since the top of the card was more crowded, I only put one flower in each of those corners.

Throw some extras on the envelop or inside the card and done :)

Step 3: Give

So pretty.

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    This is so cute and lovely :). I was hoping to have a Mother's day contest here.
    Thanks for sharing.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    It's adorable! I am always impressed at the detail and work you put into these cards! I have a silhouette, but I streamline everything I cut to save time. I need to just relax and take the time to make some cute cards--with some marshmallow fondant covered rice crispies! Yum! :)