Introduction: Monotype/Monoprint Tutorial for Beginners and Children

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Monotype/Monoprint is simple graphic technique in which beautiful prints are made in few simple steps. This tutorial is part of Zorica Duranic's Art therapy program in Center for children with disabilities Ivan Stark, Osijek, Croatia

Estimate duration: one hour

Note: do not leave children with chemicals and paints alone

Step 1: What You Need

You will need the following
0.Glass or mirror
1. Oil paints
2. Brush
3. Diluent/thinner (warning: Highly flammable!)
4. Smooth shiny paper
5. Polish

Step 2: Adding Oil Paint

On glass or mirror surface add some oil paint directly from tube. You may draw some motive but not necessary. With a stick disperse paint uniformly, layer of paint shouldn't be to fat.

Step 3: Adding the Thinner

With paint brush add or sprinkle thinner or turpentine from the bottle. Do not exaggerate with it. Be careful not to inhale thinner.

Step 4: Cover With Paper

Carefully lay prepared paper on the glass with paint.

Step 5: Pressing

Firmly press paper with your fist and give the paper slight rotation. Paint is transferred to paper.

Step 6: Uncovering

Carefully separate paper from glass surface.

Step 7: Fixing

Finally fix the painting with polish.

Step 8: Framing

You may add custom paper frame too.
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