Make Wour Own Beautiful Batik on Canvas Paintings




Introduction: Make Wour Own Beautiful Batik on Canvas Paintings

About: Tarot Majstor

In this short batik tutorial you will learn how to make beautiful paintings in simplified batik on canvas technique.

This tutorial is part of Zorica DuranicZorica Duranic Art therapy program for children with disabilities in Center for children Ivan Stark, Osijek, Croatia

NOTE. Procedures in this technique may be dangerous for small children - Do not leave them alone with equipment.

Estimated duration: one hour

Step 1: What You Need

You will need following:

1. White cotton canvas (size whatever you like, but for larger it is required more wax and paint),
2. Paraffin wax
3. 2 Wide paint - brush
4. Small pot
5. Heat source
6. Iron (for extracting wax)
7. Old newspaper
8. Direct paint for canvas
9. Pastel paint

Step 2: Drawing

Put blank canvas sheet on several sheets of old newspapers to prevent leaking wax and paint. On canvas sheet paint desired basic shape with pastel paints. In this tutorial is shown how to draw a colorful heart

Step 3: Waxing

After that, melt small amount of wax in a small pot and use wide paint brush to apply melted wax direct on drown lines on canvas - this will prevent paint from diffuse. Be careful with hot wax!

Step 4: Painting

Now you are ready to apply some paint. Dissolve direct batik paint (powder) in water according to manufacturers directions on package. Use other wide paint brush to apply different colors!

Step 5: Ironing

Finally, you need to extract wax from canvas. Put the paint between several sheets of old newspaper and smoothly iron it with hot iron. You will notice that wax is staying on paper. Use new sheets of paper until all wax is extracted. Be careful with hot iron!

Step 6: Enjoying

And that is it! You learned to make batik on canvas paintings! Let your imagination go wild!

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    6 years ago

    Thank you for sharing, I will have a go.


    6 years ago

    Thank you for sharing, I will have a go.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    You can substitute Diluted acrylic (use strong colors and dilute alot) paint. I also use Knox gel, colorless or light colored gelatin (jelllo) mixed thickly or or agar agar (seaweed powder) as a resist instead of wax- which is hot and messy. You can also use slightly diluted white glue with a little soap in it. Put these water soluble items in a small squeeze botlle or the used glue bottle and apply. After it drys you can paint. Then iron the dried acrylic paint. Wash out the glue or gelatin. Tada!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the wax resist solutions/recipes. Organic, easy to find, not as messy.
    These are just what I needed for a new line of art works I've been planning.