Introduction: Monster Book of Monsters Harry Potter DIY | CassKnowlton

I've always wanted the Monster Book of Monsters in my Harry Potter memorabilia collection, so now I have a home made one that I love!

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Step 1:

I found this wooden box from my local dollar store along with all of the felt I use.

Start off by removing the lock at the front of the box.

Next using a beige felt I measured along the front and sides and cut them out. Don't forget to cut the rectangles where the box opens.

Step 2: Details

Using white felt I cut out some teeth, and then using red felt I cut out a book mark shaped tongue.

Hot glue everything together and let cool before moving on.

Step 3: More Details

I found this fur material from my local Fabric Land, and for this project I used roughly 1 meter of it.

I measured out how much fabric I would need (Including a small over hang of fabric) and then cut it, and then measured another strip at the same length, but cut that strip in half leaving me with two long thin rectangles.

I hot glued the first strip of fabric to the center of the box, and then hot glued the thin rectangles to the sides.

ps. remember to pull off excess fabric from the strips once you cut it. There will be some shedding so its best to get rid of it before you glue it down!

* Download the image of the title *

Next! I selected the half page option for printing and printed out the book title onto plain printer paper.

I cut around all of the words and then traced them around black felt. I cut out the felt and then hot glued them onto the fur to act as a base for the title.

Using a small amount of hot glue I attached the printer paper title to the felt.

Step 4: Tadaaaa!

I picked up some small marbles from the dollar store and attached 4 of them above the teeth to resemble spider like eyes, and then using an old belt I had I trimmed the excess, hot glued the edge to prevent it from fraying, and then buckled it in the center of the book!

This is one of my most favourite DIY's I've ever done, and I'm super proud of how it turned out!