Introduction: Harry Potter Quill DIY | CassKnowlton

I've always wanted to have a quill of my own to feel like less of a Muggle, so I decided to create my own!

This DIY is from my newest Harry Potter DIY video, so check it out to see more easy DIY's! ♥

Step 1: Supplies

At my local Dollar Store I found long goose feathers that were a variety of colours.

Then I dismembered a pen I had at home and removed the ink tube.

ps, you'll most likely need to trim the tube down to the ink in order to fit it into the goose feather.

Step 2: Beautiful Quill

After trimming the tip of the goose feather, push the ink tube into the opening and see if you need to trim it more.

Apply a small amount of hot glue onto the end of the ink tube and push it back into the goose feather!

The blue colouring of my feather bleeds onto my hands, so if this happens to you also, paint the handle area with clear nail polish!

To make this even more like a quill look for small calligraphy pens at the dollar store! Unfortunately I couldn't find any so I had to use a regular blue pen.