Introduction: Monster Business Card Holder

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Follow the steps to make this neat monster business card holder!! You will need a basic understanding of sewing. You don't need a sewing machine but it will make it a lot quicker and neater. Have a read through all the steps before you begin so you know what to expect next.

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Step 1: You Will Need...

a) Outer fabric. I used faux fur but fleece or velvet would work well
b) Lining. I used a thin metallic fabric cut from an old top. Any thin non-stertchy fabric will work.
c) Safety eyes. I used 9mm
d) 3-4cm piece of velcro
e) Pocket fabric. I used pink mesh netting, any thin non-fraying fabric will work.
f) Felt scraps, for the face features.


g) Tape measure or ruler
h) Business card
i) Optional: bendy thin plastic, a butter tub lid or wax carton works well. This is to make the business card holder stiffer, you don't need to use it.
j) Needle and Thread
k) Marker pen
l) Biro
m) Pointy fabric scissors
n) Paper scissors

Step 2: Make Your Templates

1) Start by drawing round your business card onto a piece of paper, leaving a 5mm margin around the edge. Do this twice, leaving a 5mm margin around each one - this will leave a 1cm space between them.

2) This is what your template should look like so far.

3) Draw a 4 x 4cm square on the edge, this is where your velcro tab will go.

4) Cut this template out using paper scissors

5) Cut another square the same width as your main template, but 2cm narrower than your business card. This  will be the pocket that your business card sit in. The dashed line indicates the middle fold in the holder.

Step 3: Prepare the Fabric Pieces

6) Draw round your main template onto the fur fabric. Leave a 1cm margin between your template and the edge of the fabric as you'll be cutting a 5mm edge all around the template.

7) Cut out the fur fabric leaving a 5mm margin all around. This is your seam allowance. Use sharp pointy scissors and try to snip through just the fabric backing to prevent flat patches in the fur.

8) Tip: Trim the fur down on the 5mm seam allowance all around this piece. This will stop excess fur getting trapped in the seams and makin them bulky.

9) Repeat this for the lining. Draw round the main template onto your lining fabric and cut out leaving a 5mm margin all around.

10) Mark out your card holding pocket. Draw around the template onto your chosen fabric. Cut it out leaving a 5mm margin on both the short sides.

11) Optional step: Draw around your business card twice on your plastic, and cut out leaving a 2mm margin all around. Cut the sharp corners off or these might poke through the fabric when the card holder is closed.

12) These plastic parts will support your business card holder and keep its shape even if it doesnt have cards in it.

Step 4: Making Your Monsters Face

13) Mark the eye holes. Take your main fur piece. It can be helpful to draw the centre line onto it to help you place the eyes where you want them. Mark two dots on your fabric using your marked pen and install the safety eyes here.

14) Snip the safety eye stalks off using scissors or a pair of pliers. Leave about 1mm after the washer so it has something to grip onto.

15) Make your monsters mouth. I made mine from a piece of white felt cut into a teeth shape, laid on top of a black piece of felt in a curved sausage shape. Get creative, he could have fangs, a long tongue, maybe some moody eyebrows - go crazy! Pin in place and then sew them on.

16) Once your monster face is done, you're ready to finish sewing the pieces together!

Step 5: Prepare the Pieces for Sewing

17) Start by pinning your pieces together. Lay the card pocket piece centrally onto the fur, pin the corners. Then lay the lining on top.

18) Pin all of the corners, then pin in between each long edge.

19) Tip: Run your finger along each edge before you pin it to push the furry fibres in. This stops them bulking up the seams and making loops when you turn it the right way out.

Step 6: Sew and Turn...

20: Time to sew! Sew along your pen lines all the way around, leaving a gap on the top edge of the fastening tab.

21) Turn him the right way out, push your thumbs into the bottom edge, and push the fabric up and out of the gap you left in the top tab.

Tip: Use your biro to gently push the corners out, this makes a nice pointy corner.

22) This is what your card holder should look like now.

Step 7: Insert the Plastic Supports (optional)

23) Optional step: Insert your plastic supports. Bend them slightly between you fingers and insert them via the gap you left to turn him right-side-out.

Step 8: Close Him Up!

24) Sew a line down the middle of the card holder. This is where the dotted line was on the pattern. If you've used plastic supports push them aside with your fingers as you sew between them.

25) Close the hole you left in the tab using ladder stitch to keep the stitches as invisible as possible.

Step 9: Sew on the Velcro

26) Cut a piece of velcro so that its around 5mm smaller than the tab. Take the soft half of the velcro, pin and sew in place. Its best to use the soft half of the velcro on the tab as the rough half will catch on the card holder and make the fur tatty over time.

27) Close the card holder and fold the velcro tab down. Use a pin to mark where the tab lands on the main body of the card holder. Place the remaining rough half of the velcro about 5mm up from where you put the pin.

28) Sew the velcro securely in place by hand, using small stitches all the way round.

Thats it you're done! Fill it with business cards and wow your clients and friends with your handy work.

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