Introduction: Monster Fire Pit

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This is my first metalworking project as a woodworker, but it was a lot of fun to do! It includes some grinding and welding, but nothing fancy.


- Expansion vessel

- Pipe

- Hinge

- Bolts/nuts

- Angle grinder

- Welding machine

Step 1: Template for the Door

Make a template for the door using a piece of cardboard. You can make the door in any shape you would like. Tape it to the vessel and mark the outlines on the vessel.

Step 2: Cut Out the Door

Using an angle grinder, cut out the door. If you are using rounded edges for the door, make sure to grind slowly and take your time, making shallow passes until it comes loose.

Step 3: Cut Out the Opening for the Pipe

Mark a square on the top of the vessel and cut it out with the angle grinder. Make sure to stay inside of the diameter of the inside of the pipe.

Step 4: Remove the Membrane

Inside the vessel you will find a rubber membrane, which you will have to cut out with a knife. Watch out to wear old clothes because this job is a bit messy.

Step 5: Attach the Pipe

Place the pipe on top of the vessel. Make sure both the vessel and the pipe are level. Place a weld around the pipe sealing it and attaching it to the vessel.

To get a proper weld you will have to make sure any metal in this project you are going to weld, is clear of paint. You can do this with an angle grinder wit a flap disc.

Step 6: Attach the Door With a Hinge

Tape the door back on to the vessel and place your hinge. Trace the outlines of the hinge with a permanent marker. Also mark the holes of the hinge onto the vessel, and drill them out.

Step 7: Make a Lever

Using a scrap piece of metal, make a lever. You can do this in a lot of ways but I decided to keep it simple.

Step 8: Weld Everything Together

Now it's time for some welding. Although this step could be skipped, I would say it's safe to weld every piece of metal together like the hinges, nuts & bolts etcetera. This way the hinges won't unscrew themselves.

Step 9: Take Off the Sharp Edges

Take off the sharp edges of the door by deburring it with an angle grinder with a flap disc

Step 10: Burning Time!

Now it's time to start a fire. Boy it will smell bad!

Make sure you make your first fire at night, because the paint on the vessel, and the leftover pieces of rubber membrane will burn off! And it stinks...

Step 11: Subscribe to My Channel and Watch My Video!

Did you enjoy this instructable? I also made a video of this build!


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