Introduction: Polishing Epoxy With Toothpaste

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Sometimes you just run out of polishing compound. And then you are stuck. Your project on hold and your customer has to wait!

Or not? Did you know you can polish epoxy with toothpaste? Check out the video or follow the instructions below!


  • Car polish machine
  • Polish pad (sponge)
  • Polish pad (rag)
  • Whitening toothpaste
  • Water

Step 1: Get Your Stuff Ready

First it's time to collect the things we need! I use the HBM Machines car polish machine but you could use any brand for this, even a drill with a polishing attachment!

Step 2: Add the Toothpaste to Your Polish Pad And/or Epoxy

You can add the toothpaste directly to your polishing pad, and/or to the epoxy of your project.

Step 3: Add Water

Make sure to rub out the toothpaste on both your pad and your projects. If you don't, the toothpaste will splatter all over the place! Add some water to the project so you can polish it smoothly.

Step 4: Start the Polishing

Using the sponge pad of your polish machine, polish the epoxy with the toothpaste. Make sure that you don't apply too much pressure or the epoxy might burn. Let the pad gently touch the epoxy while spinning. When you run out of toothpaste, apply it again and spray it with some water!

Step 5: Buffing

Using the 'rag' buffing pad we are going to buff the epoxy until it's nice and shiny.
In this step, you should also make sure you don't apply a lot of pressure to the project. Let the pad gently touch the project while spinning, until it's nice and shiny.

Can't get it shiny enough? You didn't polish it long enough! Repeat the steps!

Step 6: Finished!

Your project is finished! As said before, if it doesn't shine enough, start again!

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