Introduction: Monster Truck Cake Shortcut

This is the easy way i.e. "lazy" way to make a monster truck themed birthday cake. My 4th son is a monster truck FANactic! Well unfortunately for him and me, his bday always seems to come around the worst of the pollen season and the height of my asthma flare ups. I was just not feeling up to to snuff enough to bake and decorate the whole cake thing, so I came up with this easy solution.

Step 1: Get Supplies

For this slacker mom recipe you will need : 1)Store bought choco cake, in whatever size you need. 2) Oreo cookies. 3) Extra chocolate frosting (mmmm....frosting). 4) Various Monster trucks & cars stolen from kid's stash. 5) Large zippy bag and some sort of blunt instrument to help you beat the cookies into submission.

Step 2: Preparing

Remove all offending decorations. Offer them to the dog or small toddler you have running around. Add extra frosting.....lots of frosting. Smooth around existing frosting on cake. Makes heaps and hills with frosting to look like the little jumps they have in the pit arenas.

Step 3: Zen Step

Put a handful of Oreo cookies in a large zippy and beat the bejebus out of them until they resemble dirt of the bag breaks ( might be beneficial to stop before the bag breaks but it won't be as satisfying).

Step 4: Decorating

Place cars into frosting. Dig 'em in real good ( I have plastic smash cars but you could use any old "clean" hot wheel cars). Sprinkle smashed Oreos around to resemble dirt pit . Add in the Monster trucks of your choice and Voila! instant monster truck birthday cake. Perfect for when your asthma flares so bad the thought of walking to your kitchen leaves you breathless. at least that's my slacker mom excuse ;-)