Introduction: Monster Container With Bottles

Hello!, I go to explain how to build a monster container while we recycle plastic bottles =]
We need:
-Two plastic bottles of the same size
-A Zipper (the size depends on the thickness of the bottle) preferably red or similar
-Contact glue
-Sticker paper (for eyes)
-A pencil and a marker

And we are ready to start!

Step 1: Prepare Bottles

First clean the inside of the bottle with water. Then, make a mark with the cutter around the bottle, at the height that you want to cut. If you need, use the marker to mark the cutting area. Then cut the bottle for a few cm above the mark (so you can do it with more freedom). Now you can cut along the mark easily.
Repeat this with the other bottle.

Step 2: Paste the Pieces

Take contact glue on the edge of the fabric of the zipper (must be on the edge so that the zipper can be moved later). Take glue on the edge of the bottle too. Wait about 10 minutes.
Now join the pieces. Paste the zipper with one bottle (carefully) and then with the other bottle (it will cost a bit more).
For the eyes, draw two ellipses in the sticker paper (the size you want) and cut them out. Draw a black circle as a pupil with a mark and paste it into the bottle.
Leave a few hours without touching the monster. So contact glue dry completely.

Step 3: Finish!

And it's finished!
You can use it as a piggy bank, as a container of things (or double container) or merely decorative (which is very nice =])
I hope you've enjoyed this instructable! Thanks for your time!

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