Introduction: Monstro-ct (3D Scanning/Digital Fabrication Experimentations)

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Monstro-ct is a project of experimentation upon the concept of 3D Scanning and Digital Fabrication techniques and tools. It takes input from an actual site in the city and it is connected with an architecture design studio.

For the 3D scans we used Autodesk Remake using sets of 20 photographs. The case study consists of three examples: The Cracked floor, The Log, The Pebbles.
After that we explore the possibilities of that input and make experimentations with CNC milled reliefs of the pebbles 3D Scans and Vacuum Forming tests.

Software: Autodesk Remake, Autodesk 123D Make, Autodesk AutoCAD, Rhinoceros 3D.

Additional material:

Step 1: 3D Scanning

For the 3D Scan we used Autodesk Remake. A set of photographs were used to create 3D representations of various examples.

Step 2: Cracked Floor

Step 3: Log

Step 4: Pebbles

Step 5: CNC Milled Relief

Experimentations with CNC milling and the geometry derived from Pebbles 3D Scanning.

Step 6: Vacuum Forming

Types of plastics: PET and PVC (clear).

Step 7: Log Contours

Log model with acrylic sheets contours.
For the contouring and nesting we used Autodesk 123D Make.

Step 8: Monstro-ct (for the full project)