Introduction: Nephos

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Step 1: Packing Investigations

Step 2: Layers Stratification

Step 3: Nephos

A structure made from one material

A cloud perceived as a dome

A dome perceived as a cloud

A sensorial exploration of space and material

A dome made from many

Step 4: Tiewraps

Nephos is a collective project. It is an installation structured upon the notion, qualities and attributes of clouds (νέφος/nephos). 40.000 tie-wraps are used for its fabrication, so as to create layers of ornamental patterns, whose overlapping form an essential internal dome condition.

Step 5: 40.000 Tiewraps

Step 6: The Cloud

The physical item is a flexible, form-finding structure, evolving in space and resembling the way catenaries acquire their relaxation curves.

Step 7: Ceiling

The size of the installation is approximately 3.0x3.0x3.0m and it is hanging from the top downwards, providing a human sized, semi-enclosed space underneath.

Step 8: The Team

Design team:

Iliana K. Papadopoulou, Stela A. Salta, Vassilis I. Aloutsanidis, Daphne E. Gerodimou, Dimitrios I. Chatzinikolis, Anastasia A. Printziou, Maria C. Petsani, George P. Grigoriadis

Supervisor: Anastasios Tellios, Assistant Professor

Design studio ‘08EX12 Spatial Investigations’, research agenda 2015-2016: ‘Domes e/w’, School of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

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    That looks really impressive. I would love to see this in person.