Introduction: Moodlight - GalileoHome


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Moodlight is a smart lamp with a wide range of different colours which you can choose for creating a cool atmosphere in your home. The lamp can be used with the Frontend-App. The Colour and Brightness can also be set and saved with the App. Just stay on your sofa and put on/ off the lights, you like for the moment most.

Server data regarding color and brightness are passed lamps from Galileo to the Philips HUE and updates their values

Step 1: Software

The Galileo Sketch performs on the 'system' command on the Linux operating system Python scripts. This Python scripts using a Python API (Application Programming Interface) of the Philips website which convert Python commands in JSON commands that Philips Bridge is driven.

Previously, still has the RGB color value, which is sent from the server is converted to CIE1931 color coordinates and a brightness value using a Python script, as the Philips lamps do not work with RGB values.

Step 2: Hardware

'Philips Hue', a set of controllable lamps and a bridge. This bridge is connected to the local network and send control commands via radio to the 'intelligent' light bulbs. The bridge can be controlled via the Philips Hue app, but also via http (from a PC via the Internet).

Step 3: Mode of Operation

Step 4: Done!