Introduction: Moon Lamp With Remote

Hello Everyone,

I was inspired by and printed various sizes of the moon.

They turned out good, but my challenges were

  • Making it portable, rechargeable
  • Work with and without wire
  • Stronger
  • Electronic circuit for the lamp
  • Multi colors
  • Easy service/troubleshooting
  • Wooden stand

In this instructable, I will share how I made one

Do let me know your comments and suggestions

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

  • 3d Printed Moon (see the next step for more details)
  • Lithium battery from an old phone (width less than 28mm)
  • RGB LED strip
  • RGB controller with remote
  • TP4056 - lithium battery charger
  • MT3608- DC step-up convertor
  • 5.5x2.1mm power jack
  • Push-button
  • Wires
  • Soldering iron
  • Hot-glue
  • Multimeter
  • Scrap wooden plank
  • Jigsaw
  • PVA glue / fevicol
  • 13/64" dowels

Step 2: 3d Printing the Moon

  • Download STL files from
  • Printed with white PLA at 0.2mm resolution
  • Took 33hrs approx for the moon and 40 minutes for the cap
  • I adjusted the cap based on components I had
  • I have also kept a plain cap stl, that can be customizer based on your requirement/components

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

  • The battery is charged by TP4056
  • The output of TP4056 is stepped up to 12V using MT3608
  • This is the input voltage for the RGB controller via a switch

Step 4: Testing: RBG LED Strip

  • Before starting building, testing individual components is recommended
  • Here I am testing RGB LED strip

Step 5: Testing It All Together

  • I have a habit to test all components individually and then together before the final assembly
  • This helps me to adjust/troubleshoot if there are issues with individual components
  • I had to replace the battery and adjust the length of the led strip to reduce brightness

Step 6: Reducing Size

  • Most of the components I used were barebone, except the RGB controller
  • So I removed the outer casing and removed any connectors
  • I soldered the led strip with the help of some soft and short length wires as shown

Step 7: Assembly

  • Fix the power jack connector and the switch on the cap as shown
  • Using double side tape, stick the TP4056 and MT3608 on the battery ( on one side)
  • On the other side stick the RGB controller
  • Make all wire connections as per the circuit diagram
  • Test the Moon Lamp
  • Take rest of the day Off

Step 8: Stand

  • Cut 6 wooden fingers 2.5"x0.5"
  • Drill 5mm or 13/64" holes as shown
  • Using 13/64" dowels and fevicol, assemble the stand
  • Sand the stand and apply varnish for a natural look

Step 9: Adore

  • Charge the battery
  • Set the moon on the stand
  • Set color of the moon to your mood
  • Adore it's beautify

Thanks for reading this article

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