Introduction: More Ergo Friendly Ergo Mouse

I spend a lot of time at a desk and I strive to make my work station as ergo friendly as possible. During this search of the best ergo desk and equipment I bought an ergo mouse off of Amazon. I wanted to reduce the affects of laying my arm flat on the desk top, which pinches nerves at the base of your wrist and to have my arm in a more neutral position. The only issue with this mouse is that it forces me to rotate my wrist while my forearm is on the desk to use the mouse. The physical therapist says that the optimal movement is for the entire arm to move and the wrist be locked. So I cam e up with this idea which works perfectly. Yes, I did pattern this after other ergo mouse designs I just didnt want to have to buy another to replace this new one.

Step 1: Form Hand Slide

I used a piece of plastic from a clear plastic container. You can use a thin cutting board or yogurt container. It just needs to be thin. My sheet is .030 thick. Print the hand slide template out on a 8 1/2x11 sheet, cut it out and trace it onto the plastic to cut out the plastic from.

I used a soldering iron and melted the holes to the right size of the screw stand offs that go through the sheet.

The mouse is held together with 3 screws under the plastic feet on the bottom of the mouse.

Step 2: Form It to Hand

After screwing back together the mouse I bent the plastic and worked it for a bit to get it to form to my hand. I also used a heat gun before I put the plastic and mouse together for forming.

It works just as well as I hope.