Introduction: Smart Phone Solar Eclipse Viewer

With all of the solar eclipse glasses sold out what are we to do?

I figured out a quick way to build a box to house an old iPhone 5 of mine.

The iPhone 5 should have a good enough filter to let my kids view to eclipse tomorrow 8-21-2017.

Disclaimer: This is a quick idea I wanted to get out before tomorrow's big day. This isnt a well polished idea that may need some tweaking as I use it tomorrow.

Good luck and enjoy!!!

Step 1: Build the Box

Cut the box to the right size to fit the phone and a small back up battery charger

Used a hair dryer to dry the glue quickly

Step 2: Framing the Phone

Built a retainer spring with a soda can and used 2 slits to hold it into the box.

Picture framed the phone

I will tap a small hole for the camera on the other side

Hope this design spurs some other innovations and designs.

Future design changes: Testing to see if box was dark enough in the daylight, add a large lens to the camera to get a better image of sun on phone.

Good Luck and enjoy God's beautiful universe!!