Introduction: More Than Microscope DIY

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RvSciViewer, an free Image tool of Viewing / Analyzing / Measuring..... Android App / Windows exe


There are already many projects here or there talking about how to diy a microscope.

However, I can't make any better tutorial since I am not good on it.

But I can make a good app for you makers to do watching, analyzing, measuring, counting on image that you captured from your device. Even more, if you have a spectrum pack, you can also get much fun from your spectrum image by using RvSciViewer, this tool.

There is a famous community in Taiwan named "Sci Maker", already making really excellent cheap devices for makers, students and others.

Step 1: Watching, Measuring, Counting....

With Query functions, you can query...

1. Distance between any two points.

2. Area of clicked points of a closed polygon.

3. Color of object.

4. Auto-calculating shortest space between two snapped objects.

5. Counting the objects in the image.

Since the image is a collection of pixels, we can't get any size, area.... in real unit of inch, mm, um....etc.

So we have to do calibration before any measuring, get a ratio of resolution of Pixel / MM, by doing the [Line calibration], [Circle Calibration].


Line Calibrations

Circle Calibration

Auto snap object and calculate area.


Step 2: Image Processing

By add your image process, you can stack out your own image effect.


Step 3: Spectrum Calibration, Analysis and Output

With a spectrum pack attached, you can use camera on android phone to capture the image.

RvSciViewer will then calibrate the spectrum and output wave form.

You can also export the text file and the wave form image file.


Manual calibration and output text file

Auto Calibration

Query, mark and export Image.

Step 4: Download All

Windows Exe

Google Play :

Video Play list.

More free tools.


Leave comment or suggestions if you like it. Thank you.