Introduction: Morning Sandwich

Hello, today, I will make breakfast sandwich. It’s had everything that you need for the healthy breakfast likes toast, egg, ham and cheeses. It’s easy to make and you can eat on the go. Let’s begin.

Ingredients that you need to do Breakfast Sandwich.

1. Eggs, ham, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese.

2. Bread (Any kinds, big bread is better)

3. Butter, mayonnaise, ketchup.

Step 1: Toast Egg and Pan Fry.

First, you need to toast the bread and then scramble 2 eggs, next is dip the toast in the egg that already scramble for 5-8 seconds. Heat the pan, pure some oil and little bit of butter. Use low heat and put the toast that coated with egg, keep check the toast, don’t burn it. If it looks light to medium yellow and the egg should be harden. Let the toast cool down.

Step 2: Add Ham Cheeses, Cut, and Microwave

Prepare the ham and both kind of cheeses. Then spade mayonnaise and ketchup, next is to arrange the ham and cheeses. Now cut the sandwich in half. The last thing is to put the sandwich in the microwave for 10-20 seconds, just to melt the cheeses. That’s it. Enjoy breakfast.

Thank you.

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