Introduction: Morse Code

This project is similar to the Prank Handshake, with
the addition of a fork and LED (light emitting diode), using LittleBits technology.

Step 1: Morse Code

Start with your power module.

Step 2: Morse Code

Connect a button to the power module.

Step 3: Morse Code

Connect a fork to the button.

Step 4: Morse Code

Attach an LED to one of the fork outputs.

Step 5: Morse Code

Press the button to see the LED light up.

Step 6: Morse Code

Attach a buzzer to another fork output.

Step 7: Morse Code

Press the button to tap Morse Code.

Each letter or number is represented by a
pattern of dots and dashes.

See the table from Wikipedia below (Source:

Tap the button briefly for a dot; hold the
button longer for a dash.

See and hear Morse Code at the same time!