Introduction: Mortal Kombat Picture Frame

I recently attended the Midwestern Gaming Classic and it was a really great experience. While I was there, I came across a father/son duo, Artovision, that made really cool shadowbox art of classic games and Americana. I picked up a Mortal Kombat scene and decided to make a custom frame for it. This frame currently fits a 6in x 4.5in x.75in piece of art. There are a ton of guides on this site on how to make your own shadow box art so maybe this will strike a stroke of inspiration. You can use my file to scale accordingly and as a template for whatever. Features of this frame:

  • Inscribed FATALITY on top part of frame and TOASTY! on bottom part
  • Mortal Kombat dragon symbols on each side
  • Two holes for nails for hanging
  • One piece - artwork fits very snugly into the frame and is flat against the wall

Chose red because it's a primary color in the MK palette (including the abundance of blood from an uppercut)


  1. 3D Printer (I use an AnyCubic i3 Mega)
  2. Red PLA filament
  3. 2 small nails
  4. Small level
  5. Hammer

Step 1: Print the Frame

I used the following settings for the attached .stl in Cura for the print:

  • Layer Height: .2
  • Infill: 20%
  • No Support

I would lay it flat, picture display down towards the print bed. Attached is the .obj file (.zip) for mods.

Step 2: Hang It!

There are two holes in the back of the frame for hanging.I used two small nails from a picture hanging kit. Make sure you level it!

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