Mosquito Control

Introduction: Mosquito Control

Everyone hates having to abandon your yard at dusk being driven out by pesky mosquitoes. What is worse is the hefty price to have a yard pest company spray every month. Here is a homemade mosquito spray that controls mosquitoes in your yard for an entire month! Using household items, it is a fraction of the price of those yard pest companies plus it has no harsh chemicals as well as being safe for kids and pets.

Step 1: Materials

2 cups Epson salt

2 16 oz bottles of stale beer (flat and room temperature)

2 cups of blue mouthwash

Spray bottle

Measuring cup



Step 2: Add Stale Beer

Open 2 bottles of beer and leave out at room temperature for 24 hours. Once 24 hours have past, add beers to the pitcher.

Step 3: Epson Salt

Measure out 2 cups of Epson salt.

Step 4: Add Epson Salt to Pitcher

Slowly add 2 cups of Epson salt to pitcher that contains the beer.

Step 5: Disolve Epson Salt

Using the spoon, stir beer and Epson salt mixture until the salt is completely dissolved.

Step 6: Measure Blue Mouthwash

Measure out 2 cups of blue mouthwash.

Note: I have used both generic and name brand mouthwash in this recipe and both work equally as well.

Step 7: Add Mouthwash

Slowly add the mouthwash to the pitcher containing the beer and Epson salt mixture. Stir for 20 seconds to ensure mouthwash is fully incorporated.

Step 8: Pour Into Spray Bottle

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and it is ready to battle those pesky mosquitoes.

Step 9: Spray Away

Generously spray throughout your yard, in your grass and landscaping. Spray around your deck, patio and yard furniture as well. Mosquitoes will stay away for approximately a month allowing your to enjoy the summer nights.

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    Question 3 years ago

    Is there a reason the mouthwash must be Blue? you say any brand but is blue colour important? thanks very eager to try this out. Even in winter we have one or two of these pests flying around.


    Question 3 years ago on Step 9

    Sounds great! Is it harmful to pets, including pond fish, or children? Is it safe to leave the spray residue on outdoor furniture, or does it need to be wiped off? Do you need to respray after rain? Many thanks

    Creative Accountant
    Creative Accountant

    Answer 3 years ago

    My dog does not have any issues with the spray but I am not sure about pond fish as I do not have a pond with fish. I don’t notice any residue on my patio furniture. You do not need to respray after it rains, it seems to last 30 days even with our rainy spring this year.


    3 years ago

    Interesting. Two questions:
    One: Does this in any way, harm plants, grass, or plants?
    Two: Does it still last a month, even if it rains?
    Thank you

    Creative Accountant
    Creative Accountant

    Reply 3 years ago

    I have used it several time and have not noticed it causing any harm.

    Amazingly, it does last a month even with a lot of rain. I was concerned about that this past spring when it rained every day and it seemed to keep on working the full month.


    3 years ago

    I'm intrigued! :D How on earth did you come up with the recipe?