Introduction: Mosquito Trap (mosquito Abortion Clinic or Source Trap)

Hurt the enemy where it hurts them most; their children. This trap permits the small mosquito larva to sink through the screen but trap the pupa from emerging into the air. The result: a liquid compost of dead mosquitos.

relevant notes: A mosquito can lay 100 to 200 eggs within its adult life cycle (a few weeks to a few months). The aquatic stage of a mosquito is about 14 days.

Step 1:

Find an un-purposed bucket or container and some window screen old or new. Cut the screen much larger than the lid size so there will be no fighting for a good fit.

Step 2:

Drape the window screen over the bucket and wrap the wire or string around the bucket, but do not over-tighten it yet. First push the center down just a bit, now tighten the wire around the lip of the container. If you use string tie a loop on one end and then feed the other end through the loop and tie a toutline hitch to tighten it.

Step 3:

Now find a shady spot near your junk pile for the bucket and fill the clinic, I mean bucket with water. place a small stone in the center to give a variation of useable water levels so you have less maintnance. Place these traps every where around your home so that you have full protection.