Introduction: Most IMPORTANT Items in a Bug-out-bag

Hey guys Im entering this instructable for the Apocalypse Preparedness contest. So i will tell you all the most important items to have in a bug out bag. And some optional things to have for comfort.

Step 1: Picking the Right Bag

If you are a big buff guy that doesn't mind weight, but want something really rugged then you will want to go with something like a USGI Alice pack.

But if you'd rather go lighter weight then you should go with a more expensive hiking bag, that doesnt weigh anything at all.

Step 2: Essentials

There are 4 essentials to survival:

Food: This is where you will get your nutrients and energy to move

Fire: This will provide you with warmth and help you purify water

Water: This is essential to your body functions

Shelter: This will hide you from the elements and give you warmth

Step 3: Food(in Detail)

There are many different ways you can go as to getting food.

You can pack food from home, for short term food.


You can procure food from nature, which can either be:

Foraging and gathering for fruits, berries, and roots.


Hunting/ Fishing for wild game

If you are Foraging for food then all you need is your bare hands, the knowledge of which ones are safe to eat, and a way to clean your food.

If you are hunting/ fishing, you will need either a slingshot, or a small rifle/ shotgun. You will also need a knife to clean/gut the animal, and a fire to cook it and make it safe.

Step 4: Fire(in Detail)

There are many ways of making a fire, but some of the most important items to have to make a fire are:

A knife

A ferrocerium rod


Now of course you could just stick with your cotton balls and lighter. But Those aren't forever, a Ferro rod will last for over 5000 fires if you use it right.

To start a fire with a ferro rod you will need a knife to strike it with the 90 degree spine.

Charcloth can be made in the field and catches a spark super easy. All you need to make charcloth is an altoids tin with a hole in the top. Just put some 100% cotton into the tin and set in a fire. Even if you dont have a ferro rod, two rocks of the right kind can make sparks that charcloth will catch.

And believe it or not, rubbing two sticks together will actually make a fire. You can make a Hand drill, a bow drill, and even a pump drill.

Or you could buy or make a fire piston.

Step 5: Water(in Detail)

You can either pack water or find water and purify it.

You can purify water with many different methods, you can:

Boil it(all you need is a metal container)

Filter it(Lifestraw, Sawyer squeeze)

Put purifying tabs in it(Aqua mira, Potable Aqua)

Step 6: Shelter(in Detail)

There are many ways to go about shelter, you can have a makeshift lean-to, a tent, or a hammock.

Anything that will keep you away from the elements.

I also recommend a USGI MSS(modular sleep system)

If worse comes to worst then you need to have a space blanket just in case. this will reflect your body heat back onto you.

Step 7: The 10 C's

Most of these we have already covered, but these are Dave Canterbury's 10 C's of survival

Cutting tool:

This is a knife or axe


Paracord or bankline is preferred


Fire piston, or a ferro rod


A stainless steel container that you can put over the fire


A tarp or emergency blanket


This will help you transfer a flame or light up your tent


Filter Water or Make charcloth

Cargo tape:

For injuries or a broken pack

Canvas needle:

To repair clothing or your pack.


Match this up with a map and you can find your way around

Step 8: First Aid

Either a First Aid Kit purchased online or in a store or an IFAK That you threw together yourself.

This will help you treat wounds in the field and will help you heal and not get infections.

Step 9: Thanks, and Dont Forget.

Thanks for reading my instructable all the way through and I hope that you will vote for me in the contest.

But even with all of this information, dont forget that knowledge and skills are the most important and useful things to have in any survival/ apocalyptic situation.

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