Introduction: Most Used Motor Drives and Its Uses

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Motor drives are often used in every project.The signals from the microcontroller can not directly control the DC or stepper motors.Use for integrating signals from integrating the driver for that controls the motor according to its current raising.It made such a bridge using integrated transistors.There is also use to make it easier for the driver circuits.

Most preferred it is easy to use and which dc motor drivers:

more information: Most preferred it is easy to use and which dc motor drivers:

Step 1: ​L293B and L293D Motor Drivers

  • The two drivers are the same as the pin and sheath structure.L293d and 8 l239b drives are integrated left and right legs, including a total of 16 pins.Left and right sides independently as a bi-directional DC motor can control two DC motors driving in total.Integrated exist notch above.You can see in the figure.This indicates the head of the notch drive.Starting on the left side of the notch as shown in Figure 1 at the pins numbered 16 or so.

According to this order:

  • 1 and 9 pins are connected to the microcontroller for the PWM signal with the rotation of the motor speed control.
  • 2 and 7 1 are connected to the microcontroller pins for DC motor rotation control
  • 10 and 15 2 are connected to the microcontroller pins are numbered for DC motor rotation control.
  • 1.Asynchronous motors connected to pins 3 and 6
  • 11 and 14 are connected to pins 2 dc motors
  • 4, 5, 12, 13, pins GND pins
  • According to the specification of power pin number 8 pinidir.motor the engine power must be appropriate.
  • Number 16 must be supplied with 5V pin.

Two drivers from operating voltage is between 5-36v.L293d per drive channel 600 mAh gives current 1.2 In case of difficulty.L293b drive is 1.2 per channel provides two current case of difficulty.L293b, better than a L293d’y

Step 2: L298 Motor Driver

  • L298, 15-pin structure is two-channel motor driver
  • Operating voltage is from 5-46v.
  • 2 per engine, it gives 3A current in case of difficulty.
  • L293 according ideal for situations requiring high currents.Also heat is more durable.

Pins from left to right, the right way to look at you one up to 15 pins are enumerated:

  • 6. and 11. pins are connected to the microcontroller for the PWM signal with the rotation of the motor speed control.
  • 2. and 1 to 3. DC motors are connected to pins
  • 13. and 14. to pins 2 and DC motor connect.
  • 5. and 7. are connected to the microcontroller pins to control the direction of rotation of the motor 1.Asynchronous.
  • Pins 10 and 12 are connected to the microcontroller for controlling the rotation of the motor 2.dc.
  • 100nf capacitor connected between these pie with soil to reduce instability.
  • 8. pin GND
  • 4. pin number should be given appropriate energy than the energy pinidir.motor engines feature.

Step 3: Sample Applications:

Potentiometer with DC motor control:

The sample application we will take one of DC motor speed control potentiometer.1 pin PWM speed control pin here is the way we want to be able to increase or decrease the speed of transferring value from the pine potentiometer.5. connected.2 digital pin and 7 pin to 6 pin my tie and 7.dijital.
4 and No. 5 Arduino GND GND pins also had my orange fruit.8.p can connect the engine to power the Arduino’s 5V 5V pin from the pin will be sufficient here.As you can see here, we have only one side of the drive.Driving a motor operating independently from each other because both sides.

Arduino Code:

//motor pins

int enable1 = 5;

int Motor11 = 6;

int Motor12 = 7;

int potdeger= A0;

int deger;

void setup()


Serial.begin (9600);

//pin settings

pinMode (enable1, OUTPUT);

pinMode (Motor11, OUTPUT);

pinMode (Motor12, OUTPUT);




void loop()


deger= analogRead(potdeger);

deger= map(deger, 0, 1023, 0, 225);

analogWrite(potdeger, deger);



If we examine the code, analog potentiometer 0 pins connected to the reading of the map command with PWM value from 0-255 to 0-1023 range of values is reversed.Our drive to be printed out and attached to the drive 5.p PWM speed control pin is assured.

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