Introduction: Mothers Day Card: My Love for You....Grows and Grows!!!

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For the last two years I have taught in second grade, next year I'm moving down to kindergaten.  I believe that this project can be used with K-4 graders easily.  It's wonderful gift to give to mom for mother's day!  Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Construction paper

Flowers in diffrent colors
18" long 1" wide green strips
18" Long 6" wide random color background paper
Brown paper cut to the shape of a flower pot

White School Glue
Photograph of you (or student)
Die cutter

Step 2: Template

If you do not have a die cutter, this template can help you make the flowers.  Kudos our art teacher who made the template for me!

Step 3: Get Your Materials Ready

If you have a die cutter punch out several flower shapes and flower pot shapes.  If you do not have these at your school, use the template and cut out several flowers and pots in various colors.

Have your glue, your marker, cut out construction paper pieces, and photograph ready to go.

Step 4: Flower Pot With Stem

On your flower pot cut a U shape.  Put the green down into the slit of the pot and glue the stem in place.

Step 5: Glue the Pot to the Paper

Glue the back of the pot and the stem to the long piece of paper

Step 6: Mug Shot

Take your picture ad put it on the top of the flower stem.  Then take your flower and glue it around your picture (with your face in the middle) and to the background paper.

Step 7: Fold and Write

Fold the paper in threes so the top of your flower will settle down to the bottom, when you open it up it will grow.

Around the flower write

My Love For You.......

On the stem write (make sure the flower covers this when closed)

Grows and Grows!!!

On the top of the flower pot write

Happy Mother's Day
Your name and the year

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