Introduction: Mother's Day Curved Top Heart Shaped Jewelry Box by CNC

A quick search for Mother's Day gift doesn't yield much. You've already given the vacuum cleaner and iron which didn't go over very well. Here is a jewelry box you can make that is sure to be a hit. What makes this distinctive is the curved top and the engraving on the curve.


CNC machine

Fusion 360 Download here:

4 inch square by 1.5 inch high piece of wood

4 inch square by 3/4 inch high piece of wood

Step 1: Drawing the Curved Top

There is a nice video here to demonstrate how to do the loft with a rail to make a heart shape. The beauty of Fusion 360 is the mirroring capability. Draw only one side and once you are happy with it, mirror it and patch the back and extrude the back by 3/8 inch.

Step 2: Drawing Your Text on the Curved Surface

The key to this is extruding from the surface as demonstrated in this video. With the current version of Fusion 360 I could not get the two mirrored sides of the lid to be one body for the purpose of engraving across the entire lid. I had to choose one side or the other. You could do two separate drawings if you wanted your lettering on both sides of the top of the lid. I engraved on the inside of the lid as well.

Step 3: Manufacturing

To get the lid to fit snugly but also leave room for varnish I found that I needed to remove .03 from the contour on the lid piece that fits into the bottom of the box.

Step 4: Happy Mother's Day!

You know that feeling when your mom or wife shows off this jewelry box, "Look what Bubba made me for Mother's Day this year!"

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