Introduction: Motion Activated Random Music Player

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This project came to be for all the right reasons, smiles, laughter and sharing happiness with others. I feel blessed to work with an amazing family and group of people who everyday generously share, make and inspire others in the Creative Process.

The sculpture is done by Big Times Art Studio.

I created the Motion Activated Music Player to make a smile a little better... "good music and bright lights...!"

The system will play music, continuously, endlessly and randomly when motion is detected in increments of 1-3-10 minute intervals or as long as motion is detected.

How it works is the iPod is connected to USB Adapter with continuous non-switched GFI receptacle, allowing for endless play in Loop Mode of any playlist created by user.

The Motion Detector switches power on / off to Low Voltage / 12 volt Power Supply, turning the lights on and playing music through the amplified speaker system.

It's a unique set of circumstances, an open mind and any imaginable combination of devices, will always keep the Creative Process in business and business is good! ;)

Step 1: Motion Sensor Reused

Motion Sensor / reused from an exterior porch light.
Right - Left Bookshelf Speakers

Step 2: IPod Touch and Waterproof Case

The iPod Touch is what I found to work best. It is a reliable and energy efficient way to create playlists and continuously play music. The waterproof case for added protection.

Step 3: Exterior Low Voltage Power Supply

Exterior low voltage power supply is ideal for powering the lights and the amplified speakers.

Step 4: The Lunchbox Cooler- Speaker Case

The cooler was a perfect fit to the existing sculpture and a case for the sub woofer of the speaker system.

Step 5: On / Off Switched Receptacle

Quick and Easy way to switch power to the system.

Step 6: Main Power - GFI Receptacle and USB Power Adapter

GFI Receptacle and USB Power Adapter supplies power to the Switched Receptacle and the USB Adapter maintaining the charge for endless play from the iPod.

Step 7: Motion Activated Music Player in Action...

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