Introduction: Motocross Gear Shelf

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Hello and thanks for clicking on my post. My son received a motorcycle for his birthday and got all the gear he could ask for for Christmas and it was everywhere. So I decided to build a shelf to store it all and here is how I did it


Old piston

2 old sprokets

shelving board




Step 1: Cutting Material

This project was very fluid I had a plan in my head but it kept changing but the main pieces stayed the same.

Cut all the braiing and helmet shelf at 30 degrees this will give you a nice slope for the helmet to rest on

The sprocket I used for this shelf had 6 holes. By cutting this into 6 pieces you get 30 degree sections.

The other sprocket I cut into 4 sections making them 45 degree angles.

i used a cutting wheel with and angle grinder made quick work of this process

Since I dont have a welder I routed the 2x2 to fit the sprocket.

helmet shelf is 13x16

cubbies are 4x4x10

single shelves are 4x4

Step 2: Cubbies

I made 2 cubbies using scrap wood. I cut at 4 inches wide and made them to fit the goggles. used brad nails and glue to hold it all together.

Step 3: Predrill and Counter Sink Holes

This step will help you get the location of the shelves and ensure the wood wont split. Make assembly really easy

Step 4: Route and Sand

I used a round over bit in the router to make it simple. Then sanded everything to 120 grit.

Step 5: Paint

I choose to go with the colors of my sons helmet

Step 6: Put It All Together

pre drilling made this simple. My table is level so i used a level to make sure the shelves were all level as well

Step 7: Add Flair

I used my cricut to cut out his name and his number along with some racing decals.

Step 8: Change the Back Ground

The back ground was to plain for me so i scraped it and turned it into a helmet shape!! i free handed the design made it look as close as I could to my sons helmet

Step 9: Paint Again!

I did the best i could its not perfect but it turned out pretty cool.

Step 10: Hang It

I made sure to hit the studs. I hope you like this instructable tell me if i made the right choose on changing the back board!

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