Introduction: Motor Car

Hi,I am rafeeq from Whitefield nook.

Today I am showing how to make motor car



  • Ice cream stick
  • Wheels
  • Dc gear motor
  • 9v battery
  • Wires
  • Switch
  • Straw
  • Pop sticks


Step 1:


  • Take a straw and a pop stick.
  • Place pop stick put it inside the straw.
  • Stick the wheels to the pop stick with glue.
  • And take dc gear motor and stick the ice cream sticks to sides.

Step 2:


  • And take 9v battery and stick ice cream stick to the battery.
  • Connect wires to the switch .
  • And wires to the battery clip and connect the battery clip to the battery.

Step 3:


  • Connect the wheels to the gear motor as shown in the figure.
  • And stick the small wheels with the pop stick and straw.
  • Stick it on the battery with glue.
  • Now motor car is ready to move.

Step 4: