Introduction: Motorized Watergun

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Step 1: Materials/Tools

Utility Knife
Drill bits 7/8th, 1 inch, and 1\8th
Soldering Iron
Screw Driver Phillips
Vise Grip

Swiffer Wet Jet
Duct Tape
Water Gun
Wood 5.5 in. by 1.5 in.
Bamboo Skewer
Silicone Caulking
Length of pipe small diameter
2 liter soda bottle

Step 2: Take the Swiffer WetJet Apart

This is fairly standard. Remove all the screws. Most of the screws are phillips, but there are two that are security torx screws. Why these are there is a mystery to me. You will need some sort of pliers, a file, and plenty of elbow grease to remove them. I removed the two I had by filling the sides of the screws so that my mini vise grip could get a grip, and twisting them out.

Be careful when taking it apart. There are two very sharp needles on the inside where you insert the bottle of cleaning fluid. These needles are sharp and unforgiving. Also note that there is a tiny screw on the inside of the area where you insert the cleaning fluid. It is pretty hidden.

Keep all screws, springs, wires, and other objects. The most important part is the motor with the tubes, the button switch on the handle, and the tube with one of the needles sticking out of it.

Step 3: Build the Water Delivery System

Take the motor and the air intake valve and push their needles through a Gatorade bottle cap. Be careful the needles are sharp. Then drill a hole in the cap of the 2 liter soda bottle. Make sure the hole is big enough for the tube to fit through. I used a 1/4th inch bit. Now you will cut open the soda bottle and place the motor inside.  Put silicone or some other adhesive around the bottle cap and around where the tube comes out. 

Now you need to get an old water gun and take it apart. Remove the tube and nozzle from the water gun. Stick this into the end of the tube. This will help you get some distance on the water gun. Use silicone to secure the tubes together. Cut your pvc to length and silicon it to the cap and place some silicone around where the nozzle emerges. Make sure not to get silicone over the tip or it will not work.

Step 4: Reinforce the Bottle

You will need to reinforce the bottle. I use a bamboo skewer. I cut the skewer in half and trimmed it to fit in the bottle. Then I taped the two pieces into a cross. I then secured the cross behind the motor using silicone. I also added duct tape around the edge of where I cut. This helps to keep water from getting in during a battle.

Step 5: Power and Firing Switch

Drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle using a 7/8th inch drill bit. This should accommodate the handle from the swiffer. Pull the wires from the trigger and solder them to the wires from the button trigger in the handle. Then solder the battery wires to your battery pack. Make sure you test it before you solder. If the wrong wires are connected the motor will go the wrong way and it will not work.

Once the wires are soldered you can secure the swiffer handle to the bottle using the silicone. I also secured the handle to the braces inside the bottle using more silicone.

Step 6: Make the Handle

I used a 5.5 in. by 1.5 in. piece of wood. I drilled a 1 inch hole in the middle of the wood. Then I cut the foam handle section to about 5.5 inches. I also cut the long section of metal tube into two seven inch sections.

I drilled a hole large enough for a nail in the side of the tube. This is then nail into the wood. The foam handle is attached using duct tape. The entire piece is slid over the nozzle and attached using silicone.

Step 7: Decorate

Now you will want to decorate your gun. Mine is made from so many different parts that I wanted to paint it to give it a more uniform look. I placed tape over the nozzle and I stuffed paper inside to keep paint from getting on the motor. I also took a picture my daughter made for me and used it to make a duct tape sticker. I cut the sticker out using a pair of scissors and a utility knife.  I placed the sticker on the front of the gun. I painted it using some plastic spray paint I had lying around. It only took about two coats.

Step 8: Begin the Soakage

Now fill your Gatorade bottle and being the soakage. It will not have the range of most water gun, but it will shoot without stopping. Also since the water container is a gatorade bottle you can keep a few filled for quick reload. Have fun!

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