Introduction: Motor/push Bike + Tripod Phone Mount

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I just wanted to show off my bike/motor bike handlebar mount real quick (it says tripod because you can mount it on your tripod, that is where the long silver bolt is) if I get enough views and likes I might consider doing a full tutorial, if you wish to see how to make it then please feel free to leave a comment,

Step 1: A Listing of Parts and Machines You Will Need

If you consider making one of these then you should know that you need a drill, heat gun or oven, a hacksaw a wood saw and a screwdriver bit and assorted drillbits

You also need some PVC, if you don't have PVC you could use perspects or acrylic (that's like plexiglass

Step 2: Just Some Photos and Info

It mounts to handlebars vertical and horizontal, and also attaches to a tripod horizontally and vertically.

Step 3: Thanks for Viewing

As I said I. The intro if I get enough views and likes then I might consider making a a tutorial, and if I get enough comments I will definitely make one :) let me just state it isn't finished, I still need to paint it and might make some improvements

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