Introduction: Pen-stylus to Full Stylus Conversion

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I have always wanted a stylus, they are handy little tools, some times when I use toutch screen devices the tips of my fingers start to hurt, so one day I went out looking for a stylus however I could only find a stylus built into a pen so I did some modifications. Enjoy!

Step 1: You Will Need

For this step I will show you the bits and pieces

1. Your stylus pen (duh)
2. Some heat shrink tubing ( the size will depend on the pipe/tube you use for the shaft)
3. A piece of pipe I used about four or five inches of 1/4 inch aluminum pipe (how long you want it and the width will depend on the actual stylus tip.
5. A tube of super glue
6. A screw (the head of the screw MUST be slightly BIGGER then the inner diameter of the tube
7. A bench grinder, sandpaper, or a file
8. Some rubber or foam ( you will see what this is for soon) :)
9. Some sort of cap or plug, I used the back plug out of the back of a pen

Step 2: Tools

For the tools, you will need.

2.sand paper
3.metal file
5.permenant marker
6.hacksaw (if you are using PVC pipe or aluminum pipe)
Wood saw of you are using wooden dowel
A drill press, or electric drill (if you are using wooden dowel

Sorry I didn't take any photos of my tools

Step 3: Dissecting the Pen

Clamp your pen In the vice and use your hacksaw to cut the tip off the pen like the pictures show

Step 4: Cutting Your Tube

Clamp your tube in the vice and mark it to your desired length if you are using dowel for this use your saw to cut it to length, now get your drill and drill a hole in one end that is smaller then the screw head. On the other end of the dowel drill a hole so the cap or plug will fit on snug

Step 5: Sanding the and Fitting the Screw

For this step you are required to sand the screw head round so it fits into the tube snug
Hap it in to the tube and place some rubber or foam around the shaft of the screw it hold it in the center drip some super glue down the pipe and be carful it might drip through the other end!

Step 6: Attaching the Nib/tip

For this step you are required to re assemble the tip, Dab some super glue on the screw and twist the tip onto it

Step 7: Heat Shrink Grip

Cut your heat shrink or he length you want it, and using a lighter or matches heat it so it shrinks to a tight grip (carful not to burn your self)

Step 8: Finishing Up

Do this step you need to plug the reerend. So you need to get your cap or plug and tap it in, it might be a bit hard so point it down and slam it against a hard surface so it will pop in

Step 9: Done!

I hope you enjoyed this instructable! Plz like and feel free to comment/ask questions! I would really appreciate it :)


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