Introduction: Moulding USB Connector Using Hot Glue Gun or Sugru

We all know that we can  easily re solder usb connectors of many devices like mouse, keyboard, etc & save money. but what about the outer casing or covering..
i made it using salvaged parts from old vga cable..
So here i m sharing how to make outer casing, covering or plug...

This is my 1st ible.. Hope u all like it.
yet learning to make one..
making ible is more tedious than the real work or repair..
Hat's off to all you for taking so much pain & care to make these instructables &  tutorials...

Step 1: Parts & Tools

1.  The main Mold used is the inner casing of an old vga cable.
2.  Oil for lubricating the molds.
3.  soldering iron
4.  2-3 strands of thick copper wire
5.  File for surface facing
6.  wire cutter.
7.  Glue Gun or Sugru.
8.  Razor blade or knife for trimming excess material.
9. last but not the least lots of patience..

First of all we have to split the connector...
The seam of the connector was soldered..
u can use soldering iron or heat it on a gas stove like i did.

Step 2: Procedure.

The gap on the front opening was too much for the glue to be equally centered.
For this some sort of fencing is required. so i came up with the idea of soldering copper wire along the inner sides of the mold.
twist some copper wire & using soldering iron tin it.
fold it according to the size of the inner circumference.
sokder it to the connector..
using file smooth out the copper wire.

Step 3: Glue Time.

Coat both the pieces with any oil..
then add some glue 1st to the piece having narrower tail  in order to shown in pic.
then place the usb connector on top of it
then again add some glue on top and assmeble the two pieces together.
let the glue cool down & set.
lift the mold from tail side to dissasemble.
trim off excess material
(Sorry i forgot to take the pic while applying glue..)

Voila!!!!!!!!! ur done.....................