Introduction: Simple Yet Professional Switch Board for Checking A/C Input for Shorts After Repair Example A/C Adapter

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Before you switch on the power supply connect a 100 watt light bulb to test. The reason for using the light bulb is to prevent the power supply components just been replaced to blow again just in case if there is short circuit somewhere in the power supply that you have missed to check.

Haven't yet made the switch board but have checked the method it works..
I will try to make it soon and update here.

Step 1: The Repair

Recently I had received Hp Laptop power adapter that was not working at all..
After opening the case it was evident that the AC in put was shorted & it was so bad
that it made a hole in PCB.
These adapters do have fuse but in this case it never blew up instead the connecting leg vaporized
but not the fuse strange but true.

Fortunately no components were affected by this. Generally the the rectifier bridge or input Charge Capacitor blows then AC input or the fuse blows but every thing was fine here..
Anyways i just traced the wire back to AC input to check using the bulb trick & it works.

If the short would have still been there the bulb should glow if not then check the output.
I checked using led strip it works fine.

Step 2: Schematic

You can also make a permanent fixture using the schema provided..
you just need
1) 100 w Bulb
2) Three pin input power socket
3) Electrical Switch
4) some wires
5) box or any case to fit in these stuffs.

So lets glow things...............