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This house model I built in 2005 just to fill my time.. But actually I built it because I am amazed when I see the house model at property selling. I am interested on how they build the model and think that why not I made a cheap one for my self. The model is based on my home. The house is going for renovation in 2011 so I also made a renovation to my little house.

All the pictures here were taken in 2011 when the renovation is made. No picture when I first built it in 2005 because I have no camera at that time. ahahha

I hope the tips below would be helpful for you to make one

Step 1: Things You Need

1. Mounting board

2. PVC glue

3. Knife

Step 2: Tips on Measurement

I made an estimation measurement on every length of my house. It is not necessary to make accurate measurement since it is only for fun. The scale is 1m = 2cm. I am comfortable with centimeter and meter but you can measure it by feet. It is not a big issue I think.

Step 3: Wall

To make a continuous wall from end to end, first you have to measure and sketch the perimeter of the house. Sketch it on a white paper or you can straight sketch it on the mounting board. Make sure you use a pencil so you can erase it.

For every corner of the house, you have to cut the board only half deep. This is to make sure the board can easily create a 90 degree angle or any desired angle.

Step 4: Window and Pillar

I use toothpick for the framework of the window. You can also use matches. Cut them carefully and glue it with PVC glue. For the pillar, I use wooden skewer because it is rounded.

Step 5: Roof

For the corner part of the roof, first you should cut the board with half deep cut and bend it to desired angle.

Then get the remnant of the board to cover the opening edge. To do so, you have get the surface layer (colored layer) of the board. Apply only a small pressure on the board so that the colored layer is cut.

After that sliced the layer carefully to get the colored layer. This colored layer that we are going to use as it is same color with the board.

Fold the layer according the angle of the roof. This is to make sure the layer is stick nicely to cover the opening and to hold it at the determined angle.

Put some PVC glue on the opening edge and place the layer on it. Press the layer firmly so it the glue is separated evenly.

Lastly just let it dry.

note: You can add some layer at the back of the roof so the opening is fix at that angle. It is also to make the edge is strong.

Step 6: Pictures

Enjoy it and tell me if you have any suggestion..

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