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Introduction: Mouth-optimized Blackberry Mini Pies

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I bought some huge blackberries and thought it might be a nice idea to make little pies where exactly one of the berries would fit.

It turned out very nicely and its very simple too.

It's the perfect food to bring along for a summer party:

  • no one else will bring it (you're going to be the party star! :))
  • they are easy to make
  • they are super cute
  • they come in little mouth-fitting pieces, perfectly optimized for an average mouth (no sticky fingers, or berry juice in your face)
  • did i mention they are cute??

Step 1: All You Need...

... is love and:

  • puff paste (ready to use, rectangular or round)
  • Black- (or any other) berries (depends on the size, for me 24 pieces were enough)
  • Sugar (as much as you like, but at least 4 spoons)
  • 2 mini muffin pans for 12 mini muffins
  • A shape to cut out the circles for the pies (I took a jam glass)

    You are ready to go!

Step 2: Cut Out the Puff Pastry

  1. Don't use paper liners! (The berry juice is quite sticky and you will never get the paper off the pies again)
  2. Cut out the puff pastry in 24 circles (the circle should be a little bit larger than the upper circle of the mufifn pan)
  3. Put the puff pastry into the pan
  4. Use a fork to make holes into the bottoms of the puff pastry

Step 3: Pre-bake the Empty Pies

  1. To make sure your pies don't have a soft mellow bottom part, pre-bake the empty pies for 5 minutes at 180°C (356° Farenheit)
  2. Then fill the pies with the berries.
  3. Generously add sugar on top (use at least 4 big spoons (8 tea spoons), otherwise the berries turn quite sour in the oven and your pies are sour-surprises.
  4. Then bake the pies for 15-20 minutes at 200°C (392° Farenheit)
  5. The pies are perfect, when the puff pastry turns golden and the berries turn from black to bordeaux red.

Step 4: Add Powdered Sugar and Enjoy!

I would recommend to add the powdered sugar just before serving, otherwise it will be absorbed very quickly and not visible anymore.

Enjoy your mouth-optimized berry pie!

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    7 years ago

    Hi there, these look really yummy, but I was wondering if the sugar you put on the pies before baking, is that 4 tablespoons per each pie, or 4 tablespoon for each tray of pies? I have not baked very much and would love to try these. Thank you.


    Reply 7 years ago

    Hey there, sorry for the late reply! Thank you for your comment! No it's 4 tablespoons for each tray of pies. However, mine were not very sweet, so you might add a little bit more if you like it sweeter :). Hope you like them, once you try them!