Introduction: Movie Poster Lighted Frame

A Movie Poster Lighted Frame can cost you about $300
My version only cost about $40

Step 1: Materials

You will need
-The poster of your choice (mine is a silkscreen avengers poster)
- A frame for your poster
- Large Popsicle Sticks (20)
- Duck Tape
- Epoxy Plastic Glue
- Electrical Tape
- Hercules Hooks (2)
- Rtgs Micro LED 20 Cold White Color Lights (2)

Step 2: Protect Your Wall

I applied a large piece of butcher paper and then taped the LED lights to the butcher paper.

Step 3: Hercules Hook

Add 2 Hercules hooks so that you can hang your frame.
I like to use the Hercules hooks because they do little to no damage to your wall.

Step 4: Frame Work

Take the original cardboard backing and trow it away. 

Then glue 10 Popsicle sticks and Glue them to the frame using the Epoxy plastic glue
Do the same thing again for the other side of your frame
Allow the frame to Dry for 24 hours (just to be safe)

once your have the 2 sets of popsicle sticked glued to the frame use duck tape to secure them once again.

Next place your poster as centered as possible and apply black electrical tape to the perimeter of your poster.

You are now ready to hang your poster.

Step 5: Lights Off, Lights On

Now you have a lighted poster frame just like at the movie theater. 

Looks great with the lights off
and even better with the lights on.