Introduction: Clay Iron Man

Here is a step by step guide to create your very own Iron Man out of clay.

Step 1: Materials

First thing you need to do is get your materials ready.
you will need
- clay
- shaping tools
- a clay pasta machine
- Paint
- Sculpey bake and bond glue
- Aluminum Foil
- An Oven for baking

Step 2: Foil Man

In order to save some clay you can create a man shape out of foil

Step 3: Flatten the Clay

Use the pasta machine to create even sheets of clay.
Wrap the clay around the foil and press firmly so that the clay sticks to the aluminum foil.

Step 4: Keep Wrapping

Finish wrapping the clay over your figure until you can no longer see the aluminum foil.
Once you have a nice even layer of clay covering you entire figure place it in the oven.
Preheat the oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit and place your figure in the oven for about 10 min

Allow it to cool and now you will have a hard man shaped figure to keep on working on.

Step 5: Details

To create all the details wrap his body with another thin layer of clay and use the clay shaping tools to create the necessary details 
This will take a very long time
but if you take your time and focus on the details the better your figure will look.

I chose to work one section at a time.  Once i has happy with one arm I would bake the figure to harden what i had recently worked on.

Step 6: Keep Going

Keep going. 
Once your happy bake for 10 min at 275 degrees.

Step 7: Oops

Occasionally you will make mistakes.
I broke the leg of my Iron Man by handling him a bit too rough,


any crack can simply be fixed by applying some bake and bond glue from sculpey.

simply apply glue to the broken area an bake at 275 for another 10 minutes. 

the broken area will be held back together as one.

Step 8: Back to Working on the Details

Keep working on all the little details.

Step 9: Final Bake

Once you have completed all the details 
look at your iron man 
fix any minor thing that you would like to fix and stick it in the oven one last final time
 at 275 for 10 min

Step 10: Paint

Almost done

Now its time to paint.

Apply gold paint in the necessary areas.

Step 11: More Paint

Now apply red paint to the necessary areas.

Step 12: Multiple Coats

I applied 3 coats of red and gold paint until I was happy with the results,

Step 13: Finished

And there you have it.
your very own Iron Man


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